Cavlandic Trail 

The highly trafficked 6.5 mile paved trail that runs between the City of Cavalier and Icelandic State Park/Cavalier Country Club was in significant need of repair. In response  - Pembina County, Icelandic State Park, and the City of Cavalier, along with other economic and community groups, joined together to meet this need.

The Cavlandic Trail Committee is happy to announce that the repaving of the trail is now complete!  Over $850,000 was raised through

a Transportation Alternatives Grant, Recreational Trails Program Grant, the Outdoor Heritage Fund, the City of Cavalier, the Pembina County JDA and 

donations from numerous local agencies, businesses, and the citizens of Cavalier!


Thank you all for your support!  All future donations will be put towards maintenance of the trail. 

If you'd like to make a tax-deductible gift to this project, please mail a check made payable to "Cavlandic Trail Fund" to

PO Box 271

Cavalier, ND 58220