Rendevous Region Scenic Backway



The Rendezvous Backway procures its name from its array of rendezvous-related historical sites that recall the days when fur trappers, Native Americans, and other traders met to barter.


Stuffed in the extreme northeast corner of the state, the backway runs between Cavalier and Vang, meandering along the Pembina River. The river, which has carved the dramatic Pembina Gorge, is the only white-water river in the state and is superb for canoeing and kayaking.


One of the deepest and steepest river valleys in North Dakota, the Pembina Gorge is covered in miles of state groomed trails ideal for horseback riding, atv's, bicycling and hiking. The byway is also part of  the 420 mile snowmobile trails developed by the Northeast Snowmobile Club Association, which also sponsors the annual 'Snowfest' ride.

Portions of the backway are unpaved and minimally maintained.  Alternative routes include County Road 1 and State Highway 32.